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The very strange and real story of an unusual girl in the unfamiliar world of Archaiceece (Part III)


Claude was taking the lead. I was in the middle and Cade was walking loudly behind me, I knew he was just taking precautions in case I was a  psycho and decided to stab him in the back or something. He was not going to let that happen. 
We were walking farther and farther away from where they first found me. Now, I needed to concentrate. I had already proven that this was not a dream. Lets look at the facts: I took a nap, woke up in the middle of a forest, found a small boy and his father that looked like they came from a renaissance fair, the way they are dressed is ridiculous, and the way they look at my jeans, converse and simple blue t-shirt is weird, they make me feel self conscious.  What is happening? I truly did not understand what was I doing here, following this little boy, being scared by his father, in a unknown world. What I do know is that I need to find a way back, back home, back to my soft bed, back to my life. That is my new purpose. 

We are almost there- Cade said.   It was now or never.
Excuse me Cade, mmm Sir- My voice sounded weird. - Where are we? I mean, what state are we in? 
State?- Cade asked with confusion
Or country, what is the name of this place?-
You truly do not know where you are girl?- Cade asked, even though I was not facing him I knew that the roughness in his face against me was drifting away. 

Well, you do look like you are not from here, what you are wearing anyway? Its the weirdest thing I have ever seen.- 
It is just clothes Sir. -
Just clothes, ha- Cade said with clear mockery 
I like what your are wearing- Claude interrupted
Thank you Claude- I answered. I liked this boy. 
Well Lea, we are in the kingdom of Labotia the only place in Archaiceece were men can really be free.- As Cade said this I noticed a genuine love for this place, this place I knew nothing about, this place where I was now lost, this place that I now wanted to know everything about. 

What is Archaiceece? - I asked intrigued
You truly are ignorant girl- Cade said laughing.
That is a long story, and we are almost home, I reckon you are thirsty and hungry, I´ll tell you everything you want to know when your belly is full and your mind is clear.-

To be continued.....  


martes, 21 de junio de 2011

The very strange and real story of an unusual girl in the unfamiliar world of Archaiceece (Part II)


Claude wanted to approach the weirdly dressed girl, he wanted to warn her that she might not be safe in this part of the woods, put mostly he wanted to ask her about what she was wearing and why was she alone and resting in such a weird place. Maybe she was tiered, or hurt. Or maybe she was dangerous. This thought unsettled him. He was at a safe distance from her, he could just turn around and run.
Claude, what are you doing?-
The voice of his father startled him at first, but then he felt safe, because if this girl was dangerous, she could not be a match against his father, I mean in the end she was just a girl, girls were not aloud to use swords, or mostly any weapon.
Claude turned slowly to his father.
There is a girl on the clearing- He said. His voice was shaking inexplicably.
His father gave two steps and finally noticed what Claude was talking about. His face turned into a blank expression, one that Claude had never seen in him, it scared him a little bit.

Lea decided it was time to get up, or at least try to seat. She put her hands on the wet grass and pushed quickly with determination. The world seemed to spin for a moment but then she managed to get a clear view again. She heard footsteps coming from behind. She turned to face a young boy with freckles dressed in an antiquated way, standing beside him was a big scary looking man. He had reddish hair, but not in a cute way like the kid did, he had pronounced frowning marks on his forehead and his mouth was tight indicating sadness or anger. He was built like a viking, at least what she thought a viking would look like, or a guy that spends to much time at the gym and then goes to live in a cabin at the forest.

Who are you and what are you doing at this part of the woods?- If Lea was scared before by the appearance of this man, she was now terrified. His voice was not warm at all. For a moment she forgot she could speak, she tried to open her mouth to breathe out something, but she could not.

I asked you a question.- After what seemed like and eternity she managed to breathe out very softly: Lea. 

I didn't hear you-  the man spoke again with more roughness in his voice than before. My name is Lea- she finally said. - I don't know what I am doing in this part of the woods because I don't know where I am. 

The expression on the man changed, he looked puzzled.
Dad, she is lost - the small boy said smiling at Lea. He then approched her with confidence.
My name is Claude, this is my father Cade-.  I smiled at Claude and then looked at his father. Can you get up girl?- He asked his voice changing a little bit.

I guess I can try- I said, and then Cade extended his arm to me, I took his big and rough hand and he helped me get up. My legs felt weird, they trembled a little bit but I managed to not fall.
We should help her Dad.- Claude said with pleading eyes to his father.  Cade looked dubious, then he turned and simply said, follow me-.


Carla S. Arzuffi

The very strange and real story of an unusual girl in the unfamiliar world of Archaiceece


She had no idea how she got there, everything was bright and unsettling. The last thing she remembered was taking a nap on her bed holding tight her fluffy blue pillow.
Was she dead? In the hospital? Or maybe just dreaming. She pinched herself hard, it hurted, it hurted a lot. She gave herself a heavy slap on her cheek. Damn! It hurts again.
The brightness was slowly drifting away and shapes started to take form, colors started to make sense.
I think those are trees - she thought to herself.
She just now realized that she was laying on her back, there was something soft and wet on the ground. She was growing conscious of her body and this new place around her. She turned her head to her right confirming that she was laying on grass and that those shapes were indeed trees. She closed her eyes, her eyelids felt heavy and weird. She tried to concentrate. Ok.
What is your name?- She asked herself.
Lea - she answered proudly. She proceeded to try to remember who she was. She did remember, she remembered everything: her mom, dad, sister, dog, house, school, friends, kisses, fights, bruises, EVERYTHING.
She started to breathe slowly concentrating on the sound her lungs  made. When she again opened her eyes she knew where she was.
I am in a forest - she breathed out slowly. She perfectly heard her clear voice. It was her voice, the same as always, the same sound.
Even though it was just sound, it brought her a great deal of comfort hearing herself speak out-loud. It was one familiar thing in this unfamiliar place. Sure, she knew what a forest was, she remembered going to one or two or even three in her childhood, but this forest wasn't one she recognized. Did she?, forests are very similar: trees, grass, birds and that stuff, but still, even though she knew forests, she knew this forest was different, she just knew it. How? Well that she did not know. Why would she be in a forest in the first place?.

As she decided what to do, someone was looking at the lost girl in the forest, he could not get his eyes off of her, it was weird finding people at this part of the forest, and to find a girl, what a shock! But this wasn't all, this girl or woman, was wearing the weirdest of clothing. Claude, being 7 years old thought he had seen a bit of everything (He once even got to  catch a glimpse of the royal party, with the king and all) but this was definitely strange.

To be continued......

Carla S. Arzuffi

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One month later

What is the point of this entry?. Well Im a busy busy bee. Im not on vacations YET. Stupid me (and smart me too) decided for summer school this year. Puaaaaajjjjjjj. I am NOT enjoying this at all! Waking up at 5:20 am every single fucking day is just not right, Why did I did this to myself?: Clearly pure masochism. 
AH yes, the point of this entry is just to let y¨all know that SOON (humhum) I will be posting  some............
good stuff. But for now I gotta go back to studying, because tomorrow chan chan chan I will have an exam 
about Hermeneutics and psychoanalysis of culture (Freud Freud Freud and Freud) symbol, pleasure, sign, desire, dream, death drive, metapsychology and bla bla bla bla all the good stuff. 

Yes I do realize I am avoiding my duties while writing this post. STOP IT. 

ps: Help!