martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

Animals, zoo and stuff.

About a month ago, for my birthday I went to the zoo. I know, I know, what kind of 22 year old girl "parties" for her birthday at a zoo, well thats me, I love animals, and this was a "special" zoo. When I say special I mean the kind of zoo where your drive in your car, and animals come to your window and you can feed them, to me this is very exciting, my own "safari drive".

So anyway, after a long drive with my friends and sister (a kind of road-trip ), I met this amazing creatures, and some of them where very smelly, but mostly cute.
So I thought, What the hell?! I´ll share (a little late I may say) with my imaginary readers some of the animals I photographed and loved the most.

This is a Tiger, well daaa, a sleeping tiger. The sound of my brakes made him very uncomfortable. In this area of the zoo you had to keep your windows closed, and of course NO FEEDING THE TIGERS and LIONS! Picture that. Come here kitty kitty.

This is the "Barbary sheep" who has creepy looking eyes. He was friendly enough and I just love the way the "preys" have the eyes on the side of their head and not in front, like us. Plus he is smiling in this pic, very mysterious and sexy.
This is a Hipo, yes yes people, a Hippopotamus, this specific hipos spend a LOT of their time with their mouth open, pleading to be fed, and let me tell you guys something, this fellow really needs to get his teeth cleaned, the way they eat, it was, well iuck! But he looks happy and relaxed. I envy him in some ways.

This is Shanti, a gorgeous Elephant. Many years ago, when I was younger, and she was younger, we were both younger, you get the idea, I went on a ride with my grandfather on top of this pretty lady, but now Shanti is a little more crabby and you cant actually touch her, but she loves when you throw her food and she gets all the attention. I think in this photo she is looking at me like she recognizes me, you know what they say about elephants and their memories.

Capybara, Capybara, Capybara. Don´t you just love saying this. Naaaa maybe its just me. Well this was one of my favorites by far, I just wanted to steal him and make a run for it! He was too cute for his own good! He just let me pamper him, stood there motionless while I was completely infatuated with him! Just look at his eyes. Cute right?! And that spiky hair, amazing!
This my friends is a soup of "Aquatic Buffalos". Very low key animals, they just love to spend their day in this very refined spa. And I have to be honest, I wanted to run out of my car and jump in their pool and splashhhh! Just hang out. Talk gossip. Look at the humans, and be refreshed, because it was a very very hot and humid day at the zoo!

This guy, well I have to honest, I don´t exactly remember his name or species but just look at that face. He is sooo posing in this photo. And he is like "What?!" "Are you looking at me?".
And he smelled. He smelled really bad! He was very upfront and NOT scared of me at all. He actually introduced his whole head inside my car. The smell was ewww. But I liked him anyway. I like men who are not afraid to go after what they want.

The amazing Dromedary. I actually went for a ride in one of them, not this one, and they are very cute and lovable. This one in particular was a maverick, he stole (as you can see) my friend whole can with food, and proceeded to eat all of its content and then he threw the EMPTY can back to us. Very classy.

This is a Llama. They have a very funny but beautiful hair. I can see myself owning a Llama in a future, maybe if I move to the Andes. He was also a vicious eater. And he scratched himself on a tree. Like Baloo (If you don´t know who Baloo is, please read more books or watch more Disney movies).

Chan Chan Chan. Thats right. I witnessed something you don't see every day, except maybe in Animal planet. A male "Panthera tigris tigris and a female "Panthera tigris tigris" having SEX!
Big sentence. The female, of course, after a few minutes got really angry by the public display and decided to run away, leaving the male mad, alone and horny.

That is the same guy from the previous photo, he got really really close to my car. Which I have to be honest, scared me a little bit. I suddenly imagined myself and friends on "Prey" (2007 movie), or "The ghost and the darkness" (1996 movie).

The very well known Meerkats. Very popular animals thanks to "The Lion King and Meerkat Manor" (That is actually a reality show, of meerkats, seriously).
They love to play and if you interrupt them they will look at you like this: "What are you staring at ASSHOLE" (Interpretation).
And then proceed to bite and growl "playfully" at the nearest thing they find. In this case another Meerkat. But I think they are cute. Like puppies with sharp teeth and funny looking ears.

This was my favorite, the grant´s Zebra. Just picture a beautiful outstanding horse. I love horses. Im not sure if he was a he or she was a she, but she/he loved us. This gal was pretty arrogant with the rest of the cars, she/he wouldn't come closer, but for us, he/she DID!
He/She came up to my car, and scratched her/his face in my mirror, and of course she/he let us feed her/him and scratch her/his ichy places (the face of course).

Well this post sadly ,or gladly for some, has come to an end. I saw many many more cute and scary animals, I cant post all the pictures and all the stories, but this was a blast to write.
And just so you guys have some proof that I didn't steal the pictures form "wikipedia" or something, this is me feeding a previously mentioned barbary sheep and driving at the same time.
Thanks for reading.

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miércoles, 18 de agosto de 2010

Sort of dramatic P&D

Hello there, well, sorry if I´m more centered in painting than writing right now, but it is a matter of inspiration and timing, right now I´m enjoying too much sitting in my back-garden with coffee, cigarettes, music, and my instruments to paint. Free time gives my hobby (I repeat this is a hobby, Im no professional, not even close) a lift up.

"Oh Romeo Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo?"

"A Bloody Blimey moment"

More Experimental P&D.


So, the experiments continue, the first in this series of hands is the original, painted with watercolors, and it proceeds to change radically to very bright "hurtful" colors (which I love).
I can´t explain my obsession with hands right now, it comes and goes.
So, enjoy. Oh baby baby it´s a Wild World.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

Experimental P & D

Experimenting with all the free time I have in my hands right now.
I´ve been doing some more paintings.


I just loooove bright colors, I don´t know how but they cheer me up!
And by the way, its not ONE painting, they are several and with the help
of photoshop I managed to put them together like this.

Recent P & D and Cat Stevens.

So, it´s been a while since I posted a P & D entry, so here it is.
My inspiration for some of this paintings was Cat Stevens, I don´t now exactly how, I was listening to his songs and this is what popped in my mind and my hand just went along with it.
So here it is, and of course some lyrics of the amazing Cat Stevens.

"It's hard to get by just upon a smile"

"From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen."

"Where do you go? When you don't want no one to know?"

"I'm being followed by a moonshadow"

"But tell me, where do the children play?"

"I guess I'll take my time"
If some of you, imaginary readers, don´t know who Cat Stevens is. Well, do me a favor and FIND OUT NOW!

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lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

How can I tell you?

So, this new thing I wrote, It may seem like a big mess with random pointless words, but it´s not, at least not for me, maybe you just have to look closer my friend.

Crack the sky
The air is toxic
Make me laugh
Don't tell me when to live
Day to day
Nowhere, not now
Let me take my time
I wont need you
Miles to travel
I will walk alone

Make me feel good
Don't finish my words
Like you
Dont tell me what to do
It only takes a few minutes
To ease my mind

We are lost
Start something new
Get by
Take good care
I wont loose my mouth
I will find it
I wont beg
Tears in your shirt

Don't stay tonight
Day and night
The heat
The cold
I must fight
Kept at a distance
Two lives
Silent company
Fragility of the present
Waiting for the future
That is how it must be

On the road to find out
In the end
I wonder
How can I tell you
Talking to you
How can I tell you
Hear me
How can I tell you

martes, 10 de agosto de 2010

Harry friggin´Potter!

Well Imaginary Readers, you caught me, Im a Harry Potter fan, and I am proud of it.
This boy made my life so much better when I really needed it, and also it brought me closer to my now best mates.
This books reminded me why reading was such a pleasure in my life.
Harry Potter was, is and always will be in my heart forever.
I`ve come up with:

Some reasons why Harry Potter is friggin´awesome:

- The guy with "Nerdy" glasses and weird looking clothes can actually be cool and save the wizarding world.
- Albus Dumbledore is gay, and still amazing.
-The "nerdy/Know it all" girl with frizzed hair can actually be cool because she is a close friend of the guy that saves the wizarding world.
- You can break school rules and not be truly punished if you are B.F with the headmaster.
- People wear cloaks and weird hats for all occasions , how awesome is that?!
- Ghosts are nice and not scary.
- Magic can surprise you, nothing is certain.
- If you are nice to a scared and miserable elf, he will serve you forever and be happy to do it (so you wont have to feel any regret)
- Delicious magical food.
- A dog with three heads, how cute is that?! Come here doggy doggy doggy awwww....
- You can completely leave technology behind. We can only wish...
- Love conquers all.
- Howarts. Period.
- Reading words like mate, snugging, blimey, chap, nutter, rubbish. It just kills me.
- Apparition. No need for a ticket plane.
- Accio. Accio car. Accio Brad Pitt. Accio McDonlads quarter pound. Accio Mona Lisa. Accio whale. Easy right?
- Confundus: No more excuses.
- Your best friend can be a werewolf, huh that happens also in Twilight right? Damn!
- Bad guys can be corrupted to do good.
- Devotion to a greater good.
- Asking snakes to do stuff for you. "Can you please bite Bush in the crotch"
- The concept that the "dark bad evil sinister vile evil-minded" guy is scared of a boy. A young boy.

Well thats all for now, but don´t you worry, I´ll come up with more friggin´ cool Harry Potter stuff soon, there are many things still missing in this list.

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domingo, 1 de agosto de 2010

"Among other things, you'll find that you're not the first person who was ever confused and frightened and even sickened by human behavior. You're by no means alone on that score, you'll be excited and stimulated to know. Many, many men have been just as troubled morally and spiritually as you are right now. Happily, some of them kept records of their troubles. You'll learn from them - if you want to. Just as someday, if you have something to offer, someone will learn something from you. It's a beautiful reciprocal arrangement. And it isn't education. It's history. It's poetry."

-J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Chapter 24, spoken by the character Mr. Antolini-