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Peephole (last part)

(last part)
(Be sure to read parts one, two, and three)

This was a familiar taste. The best of all. The crème de la crème. I can’t even begin to describe it, it is like trying to simplify your happiest day on earth, the most delicious food, the best fuck you have ever had, your proudest moment, your favorite song, seeing the Eiffel tower for the first time, laughing till you cry, a full moon, driving your first car, getting an A on your hardest exam, your first valentine’s day with someone you love, hearing Claire de Lune on a summer night, climbing on top of a mountain, the love you feel for your soul mate, pleasure, happiness, power building up inside of you.

In the middle of this majestic trance I heard a moan. I stopped looking at “it” and raised my eyes. “Fury eyes” was moaning, heavily. His eyes where no longer what they used to be, they were a strange color and backwards, he was soaked in sweat. I approached him nervously.

“Hey, Adam”- my voice was a whisper; it had been a long since I pronounced his name out loud, or even thought of it. I was scared.

“Are you ok?

 He wasn’t answering. I took the sock out of his mouth, this was a mistake, he started biting his tongue, while blood was coming out of his mouth I tried to open it to place the sock back, but my hands slipped in his chin and cheeks from all the blood. I started screaming.


The chair started to levitate from the floor with Adam in it, like something was moving him with invisible cords. I could not believe what I was seeing, was this really happening?. I couldn’t let myself see “it” again, but there was this strange light irradiating from “it” and wrapping itself all over Adam. And then I tasted it, the worst feeling I had ever tasted. This was it. I was petrified. I could not move or talk, my mouth was dry. My knees gave up and I fell to the floor. Adam screamed, it was the worst sound I have ever heard.

I remember the first time I ever saw Adam, perfect hair, and a sparkle in his eyes, goodness, sweetness, love. I never was the one to believe in that bullshit, the “love at first sight” kind of thing, but at that very moment, looking into Adam eyes, I knew it was possible, he was my soul mate, we were meant to be together. I never loved anyone as much as I loved him; it was the kind of love that could kill. I remember that feeling, were you know you can’t exist without that other half, him, I remember the taste. But something had gone terribly wrong.

I covered my ears, his scream was suffocating me. The light coming from “it” grew stronger and stronger. I couldn’t see Adam anymore, only that white light, blinding me. I closed my eyes and started to hum loudly. Suddenly Adam stopped screaming and I felt warm. There was finally silence.

I didn’t want to open my eyes. I knew that something had gone wrong, no, not wrong, the worst had finally happened. My eye lids felt heavy but I managed to open them. Adam was gone, the only remains of his presence where now on the floor, the chair, the sheets and my old dirty socks. 

“It” was also gone.

 “It” had finally done its job. “It” had consumed our happiness, our love, the goodness in us, and “it” had consumed Adam. I don’t remember much after that; I can only remember the taste perfectly. The taste of emptiness. The taste of nothing.


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Peephole (Part three)

(Part three) 

(You can also scroll down for part one and two)

He slowly started to open his eyes. Confusion was written all over his face. Then it changed to embarrassment since he had been tied down to a chair by a girl, and not just A GIRL, this girl. And last, but not least, the familiar anger in his face started to show, the transition was complete. And then just like that, “angry eyes” was long gone, “furious eyes” had finally showed up to our small party.

He tried to talk, but my dirty socks got in the way. I could almost taste them, I could almost feel the sheets wrapped around my hands, I could almost feel my eye swelling from the kick, I could almost feel the fury taking over me, almost, but it was not me this time. It was him.

I smiled, taking in the moment; I got up and picked up a left over beer that was in the floor.  I sipped the familiar liquid , something that was not supposed to taste good tasted like glory, oh the good feeling I could taste now, from now on, if I survived this, or got away with it; an old, hot, left over beer would taste like glory to me.

“So, mister, you got yourself in a pretty fucked up situation, I mean you could have just let me go, but oh no, you had to come looking for trouble, and look where it got you. Beaten up by a girl, that must suck”

He started to shake like a caged beast trying to free himself from the chair, but the one thing I had learned in girl scouts it was how to tie something up.

“I never wanted us to be in this situation, I really didn’t, there are not many options left for us, are they?, I´ll make you a deal, we can talk this over, you and me. Find a solution, one where neither of us ends up dead, but for that, I need you to CALM THE FUCK DOWN”

He finally stopped shaking, and to my surprise, he nodded.

Things were not always like this with us. We used to be like that couples you see on the street, that couples you envy and hate. That was us. But power is something that can really destroy two people, and “it” destroyed us, not only that amazing “us together” part, but us, as individuals.
I suddenly remembered the girl I use to be, I missed that part of me, I wanted to rip “fury eyes” apart for making me into this monster, and he probably wanted to do the same thing to me. I wasn’t the only one to blame, we were not the only ones to blame, it was also this thing we were fighting over.

I took another sip of my glory beer and went into the bathroom. I took “It” from behind the toilet. I carefully placed “it” in front of him. His eyes were glowing, he was in a trance.  
I lowered my eyes to “it”, and suddenly it was like I forgot everything. “It” was so beautiful, so powerful. “It” started to irradiate his amazing light, he was calling to me. “It” belonged with me; “it” had chosen me. “It” was mine.

 To be continued....


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jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Peephole (Part two)

(Part two)

I started counting in my head, if this was it, I at least wanted to know how long would it take for me to die without air. When I got to twenty I was beginning to get worried, maybe I didn’t want to die, at least not right now, or not like this. It was a pretty lame way to die.

I counted to thirty and then I lifted my knee and kicked “angry eyes” right in the balls. He of course stopped chocking me and moved his hands around his private parts screaming in pain “YOU BITCH, YOU BITCH”, I founded it kind of funny, for the first time ever I was watching this guy below me crying like a little girl, well a little girl with a dirty mouth.  I had the power now, I could have his balls around my hand and control him like my fucking puppet, at least that was what I was thinking at the moment. Of course I could be wrong, maybe I wasn’t going to become her “master” anytime soon.  This was the moment he was vulnerable, he was in pain, so I decided to take advantage of this. I lifted my leg and without thinking it trough I kicked him in the face with all the strength I had. Blood flew out of his mouth as he hit the ground twisting in pain.

WADDA FUCK?” he said, spitting blood into the carpet.
I again moved my leg and kicked him in his pretty face, now there was blood all over his perfect hair, and he was lying unconscious.  I hoped he wasn’t dead. I approached his limped body carefully and touched his throat trying to feel a pulse. He had one. I sighed in relief.

The next series of events I performed in a “zombie like” manner.  I used the “disease sheets” to tie him up to a chair, stuffed a pair of old socks into his mouth, searched his pants, found a knife, grabbed a glass, filled it with dirty toilet water , sat in front of him, threw the dirty water at this face and proceeded to wait for him to wake up.

Life is not supposed to be easy. At least that’s what everyone tells you, and I guess it is true, that is why you have to take control of it. Life is like a car, you are the one driving it, if you want to crash it, you sure will. Sometimes you can’t help a bump here or there without your intention, but that is no excuse to scratch it frequently  and blame it on everyone else. 
I guess I could have let him kill me, sure I could have, but I didn’t, and I would not give him the chance to try to do it again, at least not under my watch.

I smelled the air searching for trouble up ahead, everything smelled salty, frisky. Sure enough, peace was not on the horizon any time soon.

To be continued..... 

 Thank you for reading....


Peephole (Part one)

(Part one)

Life is not supposed to be easy. At least that’s what everyone tells you, and I guess it is true, but there is something sweet in all the bitterness you face in life, there is a certain pleasure. I am not a masochist, that I realized when I was 12, so that is not the point.  Still, testing that sour fucked up things that happenen to me was something I cherished. Why is that?
Well for one thing I am very good at remembering flavors and smells, that I realized when I was 6, everyone in my family still makes fun of it when I mention it, but I consider it my one and only true gift, maybe it is not special, but when you are only really good at one thing, you kind off have to like it.

So maybe by now you can figure out why I cherish it, I use my only gift to identify heart crushing situations, disappointment, pain, confusion, well, any "bad" feeling you can think about, I can actually taste it before it comes, like a premonition. 

So that day on July I just knew something bad was coming, my past, my present and my future were gathering together to bit me right in the ass, hard. I did what I knew best, run away. The true greatness of my so called gift is that I can actually choose what to feel if I know what is coming, sometimes it is good to let yourself feel that something, but it is easier to run to the opposite direction and shove everything in the “unwanted feelings” drawer.

My escape plan for the first time ever, did not work as I planned.

As I was finishing my way to cold shower there was a knock on the door, it surprised me, since no one knew I was here. I shouted the regular “COMING” and got dressed as quickly as I could. With my long hair still dripping I opened the door, stupid me I should have seen first trough the peephole. 
And there he was, just like I remembered him, perfect hair, angry eyes.

“What are you going here?”  Was the first thing I could say.
“Where is it?” he asked. Boy was he angry. But in the end, I expected him to be angry, hell I had stolen from him, well not from him, because what I had “stolen” was not just his, it was also mine. 

My arms moved quickly as I tried to shut the door, he was quicker; he shoved his foot making my effort to run away again, even if it was just a few minutes, a complete failure.
He opened the door and let himself inside. He sat on the sofa bed and pushed the dirty sheets aside like they were infected with a mortal disease.

“I am not gonna ask you again. Where the fuck is it?” His angry eyes where burning like the rings of Mordor.
“It is not here…. Obviously” I said. I was proud of myself, I was actually calm, I knew what he could do, and I still was able to confront him.  

He got up really quickly, before I could move he grabbed me and pushed me to the wall, I gasped for air as he reached for my throat. Well of course he would do this, cutting my air supply was the easiest way to make me break down, I obviously could not live without air, Could I?

To be continued......