sábado, 2 de junio de 2012

Mary-go-round (Chapter seven)

by: Carla L. Sierra Arzuffi

Chapter seven: The ferris wheel

I remember when I was younger that I used to think that maybe I was different because I was meant for something great, something more; but of course it never crossed my mind that I was supposed to save my whole town from an endless sleep, from being controlled by the elders. What if they didn't want to be saved? What if they didn't want to wake up? Maybe they where happy in their fake happiness, maybe they where better off, not knowing the truth, never waking up. Getting old on a bed while dreaming their life's, away from real danger, turning into dust, never really moving. Was that life? Was that better?

As I was lost in thought Peter took my hand,
"Mary, are you okay?" 
"I dont know" I couldn't sit any longer, so I got up and started pacing in circles round the cliff.
"This is all very confusing Peter, I have million of questions"
"I know you do" Peter said pushing himself off the ground. "I did too, but its difficult to explain it all. You have to do it, and when you wake up, I don't know how, but everything will make sense. The world is waiting Marie, life is waiting" 
Peter walked towards me, he took my hands into his. "Listen, I know you must think you are going crazy, and you have too much in your plate right know, that this is too much, but just as you were meant to this, I was meant to help you, we are bound together" 
I looked right into Peter eyes, he was so sure of everything, he was Peter, and even though everything felt crazy and confusing I knew I could trust him.
"Mary" Peter whispered "I love you, I have always loved you, I don't know why I didn't say it before, before all of this, but I don't want it to be too late".
 I didn't expected it but Peter kissed me, he softly put his lips into mine and we kissed. I felt light. I felt the world. I felt alive. And I knew what I must do.
This is not life, sleeping is no life. Everyone deserved the truth, they deserved to wake up. They deserved living.

After we kissed we just stood there quietly for a few moments.
"What must I do?" I said now determined to put a stop to the elders control over all of us. Peter smiled.
"Dont you remember, in the book, "The fair of the deceased", what happened before everyone realized that is was all an illusion and they could all leave?"
"Tommy fell of the ferris wheel" I said remembering what Old Tom had wrote.
"Exactly, he didn't die, so that was a big shock and they all knew something was wrong"
"But we don't have a ferris wheel here"
"No we don't" Peter said "but we have the main building, the elders building, in town"
"The tallest building. Wait, you expect me to jump from it?"
"Yes, but you must first make a scene, so everyone sees you"
"Are you crazy?, I cant just jump of a building, Im gonna die" 
"No you wont" Peter said "Thats the thing, you wont die. You cant die in a dream" 

To be continued.... 

We are getting closer and closer to the end, can you feel it?

viernes, 1 de junio de 2012

Mary-go-round (Chapter six)

by: Carla L. Sierra Arzuffi

Chapter six: Darkness and Light. 

Peters story didn't make sense, it was confusing, everything was confusing, but at the same time, there was something familiar in what he was saying. And then I remembered, the book, "The fair of the deceased" they were also trapped, doing the same thing over and over again. Old Tom wrote the book, he knew!

"Peter" I said "all those people in town, that once in a while disappeared, like you, and everyone forgets, they go through the same thing as you right?"
Peter nodded.
"But why? how? who is doing this? how did you get away? how did you came back?"
"Well, I was getting to this part of the story"
I listened carefully.
"So when I realized something was wrong, I started thinking, and like you just said, I realized all the people in town that disappear somehow end up there, where I was, in this weird dimension, and then I started wondering why us?, why my family? and then it hit me. My dad, he worked for the elders, he knew things, things that are not supposed to be known. Im guessing he discovered something and they had to get rid of us, so we wouldn't interfere with the peace and happiness of people. So there I was, I knew, but I was still stuck. I pondered and thought how could I get away."
"The front door" I said.
Peter looked surprised "How did you know?"
"The book" I said as I took the book out. "One of the characters stuck in the fair realizes that in order to get away, to get away from the endless cycle, he has to do the simplest of things."
"Leave" Peter says.
"Yes, leave"

"Well thats what I did" Peter continued "I walked into my front door, I don't know why I didn't do it before. I opened it and stepped out. Then this weird thing happened, I was sucked by this sort of energy and I was floating through darkness, my body felt like it was going to explode and then, and then I opened my eyes. And I saw everything, I saw everyone, I saw light"
"What do you mean" I asked.
"Mary, I dont know how to explain this, this, now, is not real. This is not the real world, its all fake, fake"
"Fake" I repeated his words.
"Yes fake, when I woke up and opened my eyes I was in a white room, and I had cables and things stuck in my arms, legs, chest, everywhere. I unplugged them. I remember feeling dizzy, but at the same time I felt alive, like never before, like I had just woken up from the longest of dreams, not even when I was supposed to be living my real life here with you felt so real. I saw a door I clumsily walked to it and opened it. Oh Marie the things I saw, the world, the real world, it was out there, for me, within my reach."
"Did you go out?" I asked him.
"No" he answered "Because I remembered about my parents and about you. I don't know how I was going to do it, but I had to come back for them, and for you, I went back into the bed full of cables and started to connect them back again into my body, when I was finished I thought of home, where I last had been. I don't know how it happened but suddenly I was being sucked into darkness all over again. And I was home. I told my parents everything, and they believed me. So the three of us went out the front door, I found myself yet again the white room, my parents where not there, so I imagined they had their own white rooms."

My brain was racing trying to maintain and understand all the information and things Peter was talking about.
"I didn't disconnect myself and then I thought of you and while I was being sucked back into the dream world old Tom appeared right in-front of me, floating in the darkness, and without speaking he told me everything, the truth, what was happening, and about you"
"What about me?" I asked.
"Marie, you are meant to save us, to save everyone, we have to stop this, we have to make everyone wake up, it is time, its time to wake up the deceased."

To be continued....

I hope you all are enjoying and understanding this story.