jueves, 12 de mayo de 2011

Rouse "The screenplay"

Hiddy-ho neighbors
After considering this for a while I decided to share this. 
You guys remember this story I wrote named Rouse? If you don't, scroll down. 
(This is not an order) 
Well I decided to make it a Screenplay. Why? Well, I have been writing
a lot of screenplays lately, so it was only matter of time
that Rouse became one. 

If you guys aren't familiar with screenplays let me just give you
 3 tips.   
- INT. LIVING ROOM. DAY- This explains the setting, where (Int= Interior) and time of
the day. (I guess this is pretty obvious) 
- V.O= Means Voice Over, we don't see the character ACTUALLY talking, in this case it is
all going inside his head, like a narrator (Im sure if you see movies you are all
very familiar with this resource) 
- O.S= Means Off screen, we don't actually see the character, we just hear the voice.  
The rest Im pretty sure you can figure it out by your own.

Now before you can start reading or after (Im annoying right?) I recommend
you look on a dictionary (Or google it, like Im sure you will prefer to do, lazy bastards)  
the word ROUSE

And last but not least I must say you SHOULD NOT try to steal even a 
word of this screenplay, Why? Well it is called respect and also because
you would be involved in a lot of legal problems since this
screenplay is already officially and legally registered ® by my name,
that means I own it forever and always. (Sorry, I have to warn you),
and so here it is: 

Hope you enjoyed it,
I leave the interpretation to you guys,

And NO, this has NOTHING to do with the famous glittery vampires, ok?

Maybe, just maybe, I will post another screenplay. Who knows?!