domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011


First of all, I am sorry because I was clearly ignoring my blog ( and I am very fond of him), and yes I have been very busy but that is no excuse, o no. There are so many things I would love to talk about or show you guys, BUT (ohh yeah there is always a but) I am now somehow speechless or more like Brainless, is that even possible? 

So you may be thinking, "Hey dude, if you are now Brainless why are you writing and making us read this stupid entry if you are not gonna say or show us anything interesting?" (It can have more or less bad words, your choice), and my answer is " I don't know".

Im sure, very sure actually, that all of you have gone trough this brainless situation (Some people are actually forever-brainless, but that is not the point) and it is an interesting thing to experience. 

It feels like you wanna do too much, express and feel too much, live too much, think too much that you end up at this limbo place where you do neither. I'm not saying its a "sad" place or bullshit like that, its just your brain saying "Come on, for once leave me alone" or "I am sick of you always relaying on me for everything".

Whatever the reason you start to float trough life, ignore many things and just keep yourself entertained by unimportant things, doped-zombie-like. 

And you guys know what? It is actually relaxing and it can be a happy place, BUT ( there is this annoying but again) it is not a choice of life, IT IS NOT, it shouldn't be. 

I have always had this idea, this conviction that you shouldn't just drift trough life, that you should stop and think, and think, and think, and use your brain, it is there for that friggin' reason, and it holds so much potential (wow I now feel like I am giving this inspirational do-do chessy speech).

I dont know why am I writing this in the first place, maybe,  just maybe, my brain wants to start working again. Yep, that is probably it. 

Well yeah, the whole point of this entry (if there is a point) is .... no, I guess there is no point. Just random rant, an urge to express something and nothing at the same time.
Oh well, might as well say good night.

Good night. 

Carla Sierra Arzuffi