sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

Everyone has a secret

Watch the sunrise
Say your goodbyes
Off we go
Some conversation
No contemplation
Hit the road . . . . . . . .(Guess the song)

This is what happens when you barley see the sun dear imaginary readers, Im scared Im becoming a creature of the night, blame it on an everlasting "jetlag". 

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martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Dalí up close.

Again, I had the amazing opportunity to go visit my lover Dalí, well his work. 
 I really wish I could just make everyone disappear so I could stay all night
long staring (and licking* muaha) this amazing paintings. 
Every time I look at them I just see something different, also I wish I could
have access to more of his work, I´ve seen many to my delight, but I need MORE!
Here are some pictures I took of his paintings up-close (parts of). 

"The difference between false memories and true ones is

 the same as for jewels - It is always the false ones

 that look the most real, the most brilliant."- Dalí-

Lesson to you my imaginary readers: Try to stare and absorb a painting for more than 50 seconds. Specially if is of Dalí, you will be surprised. 

"This grandiose tragedy that we call modern art."- Dalí

"I tried sex once with a woman and that woman was Gala. It was overrated. I tried sex once with a man and that man was the famous juggler Federico Garcia Lorca. It was very painful."- Dalí-

"People love mystery, and that is why they love my paintings." - Dalí
(Ps. I agree mister) 

"Every morning when I awake, the greatest of joys is mine: that of being Salvador Dalí."

*Licking: I have this new hobby of licking art, just so you know
I licked a Dali's painting in the Vatican, thats right THE VATICAN museum!
And it wasn't the "glass" or "frame", it was the 
ACTUAL painting.
Also, like I mentioned before I licked a Dali's 
sculpture in Espace Dali Montmartre.

All my loving,

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