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The “Tynooza finite” (Chapter four)

The “Tynooza finite”
By: Carla Sierra Arzuffi

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Chapter four: He’s alive! He’s alive!

You all must be wondering about the subject: Tyler Nooza is the human that can’t die. This is how it works; Tyler Nozza cannot be killed, not on accident, not by fire, bullets, water, or disease. Not of broken body parts, dysfunctional organs, and must important off all: old age. Whatever sort of death you can come up with, well Tyler can’t die by that.

Tyler reached his 27 birthday and stop aging, why?, how?, we don’t know, it just happened. Let me clarify that this is not a vampire story, Tyler can go out in the sunlight and he does not, by any circumstance drinks human blood.

Lets say Tyler was in a car crash, a very dramatic one, would he regenerate his wounds? No. He simply wouldn’t have any wounds, not a scratch.

One normal evening Tyler was smoking a secret cigarette on his roof (that’s something he only did when he was really stressed). When he finished his treat he got up to quickly and lost his balance. Tyler fell out of the roof.

While he was falling the only thought that crossed his mind was: “She won”. But 10 seconds later he was on the floor, scratching his head, alive. No bones were broken, and not a single drop of blood could be found. He started to laugh hysterically and then proceeded to scream like a crazy person “I´M ALIVE I´M ALIVE!”. That’s how Tyler Nooza definitely knew he was a peculiar person.

For the next couple of weeks he performed all sorts of experiments and stunts to see if he could get hurt. He never did. He was just as confused as you all must be, he didn’t know why this had happened to him, how he became this way.

Tyler savored the victory. Amanda could never kill him. But you see, Amanda would eventually find out that his brother could not be killed, and her plans would change. If she could not destroy her brother, she then would try to destroy everyone around him, every single person that meant something to Tyler would suffer the consequences; they would feel the fury of Amanda.

Every hero story must have a villain, every hero must have a weakness, and every villain eventually learns the weakness of his enemy. 

To be continued......

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"I wish I didn't think about you as often as I do, although I don't think about you as often as I used to."- C.L.S.A 

The “Tynooza finite” (Chapter three)

The “Tynooza finite”
By: Carla Sierra Arzuffi

Chapter three: The Ally

You can’t tell or read Tyler’s life on a usual straight-chronicle-story-telling, because Tyler was not what you could call a “usual” person, he was very unusual, and so is his story. 

Amanda was an expert in getting away with things. She knew the ultimate secret of how keeping parents at a short lease. She gave them what they wanted and what they expected, parents don’t make questions if they don’t see the need to ask them. To them, their kids got along just fine, they were good kids that got good grades, did their chores and respected them. That’s all they needed, and that’s all that Amanda and Tyler have them.

The truth was, Tyler was afraid of getting his parents involved, he didn’t knew the extent of Amanda’s craziness, who knew what she could do to his parents if they knew the truth. This was a battle he had to face alone.

Amanda’s room (wicked lair) was a mystery. Tyler never was able to get inside, not even catch a glimpse. He wanted to know what happened inside so maybe he could know her next move. All he knew is that dark things happened there.

When he was 18, about to go to community collage in his hometown, like Amanda did, Tyler decided to get an ally.
He went to the rescue pound, while inside, it only took him a fraction of a second and a glimpse of a 4 months old husky puppy to know that it was meant to be his. He took him right then and there and named him Lancelot.  

The pound was a horrible place for a dog, so Lancelot was very appreciative of his new home and of his rescuer. Even as a pup Lancelot followed Tyler everywhere. Amanda did not like dogs, when she was little a big black dog had bitted her on the knee (she still had an ugly scar) so she stayed away from Tyler when Lancelot was around, which was most of the time.

When Tyler was at school, Lancelot was left alone, and he often worried that Amanda would do something terrible to his canine friend, but Lancelot was not a stupid dog, he could smell the fear and evilness in Amanda. She never got away in trying to get rid of the dog, she tried almost everything: poisoning his food, running over him with the car, throwing him out the window, she even once managed to get leeches all over poor Lancelot. But the dog was a survivor, and like Tyler Nooza, he was very stubborn in not letting Amanda kill him. Lancelot did die one day, but not at the hands of Amanda and her evil plans.

When Tyler was 23 he was finally able to move of house, to a crappy apartment in the same hometown, he wished that someday he could move to another town, city, state, or continent, but he did not have the money or means to that for a while. He one day, would eventually move far far away from Amanda,  but he would realize that you cant really run away from someone who wants to kill you, you cant run away from your past, or your future. 

To be continued......